Due to the limited resources available in Cuba, few Chinese dishes have retained their authenticity. The food styles are very simple but nutritious, using rice and noodles stir-fried with vegetables and chicken, pork, or beef.

Certain Chinese ingredients cannot be obtained, thus eggrolls and dumplings cannot be made, and there are no soybeans to make tofu, as well as particular spices, although soy sauce is accessible. Thus the variety of Chinese dishes found at restaurants is limited.

Dim-Sum, a popular Chinese lunch, does not even exist due to the difficulty of making the dishes and the expensiveness. There are no Chinese food markets, although a small farmers’ market is available around the block, where fruit, vegetables and meat are sold.

Carving Art



The presentation of these dishes illustrates the degree to which the chefs produce Chinese cuisine despite the limited access to traditional Chinese vegetables and spices.

Food Preparation

The Restaurant TRES CHINITOS, or the three Chinese, serves Italian Food even though it is located in the Barrio Chino. Food20.gif The administrators and cooks are descendants of Chinese Cubans and enjoy the challenge of preparing and serving Italian food.

A line forms daily outside the establishment as patrons wait patiently for one of the few tables available in this small restaurant. Reservations are not taken, however, sometimes friends of the Tres Chinitos receive preferential treatment and are seated immediately upon arrival.