Commerce and Trade

The official goal of the Grupo Promotor shares a vision with others since Chinatown belongs to the Cuban government. Its objective is to rescue the traditions and all the legacies from the Chinese who came to Cuba in 1847. It is a social community project that has commercial activities that provide food. All the Chinese have a traditional culture. All goals are related to the food service industry as well as food preparation.

The Grupo Promotor also serves as a support system for the promotion of the activities for Socio-economic development in Chinatown. These are also moral responsibilities to the older Chinese descendants to provide them with food, medical assistance and adequate housing. The residence for senior citizens houses thirteen Chinese men who permanently reside. Grupo Promotor provides them with medical assistance, food and housing within the perimeters of Chinatown. There is also a group of doctors, nurses and social workers who assist in providing health care to these men.

In addition there are approximately seventeen Cubans who live in the surrounding area who also receive medical assistance at this residence. All of this is done because of two principle elements. One is the social obligation to our senior citizens for the suffering endured as a result of poverty and other issues in Cuba. Another reason is that it is the essence of the Cuban project to take care of all the children and our senior citizens. They have received the cooperation of the Chinese and Cuban embassies and the Chinese Societies, the government and other state institutions. There have also been a number of contributions received from friends of Cuba. The Grupo Promotor also ensures that all monies go directly to the project.

In addition, the Isla de Juventud (Youth Island) also receives some of our services since we extend our outreach to others that far away.

Our Grupo Promotor has approximately 357 workers, 30% of whom are descendants of Chinese. Their work depends a lot on the collaboration of doctors, intellectuals, artists and many humble volunteers. The present director of the Grupo Promotor is a fourth generation of Chinese descendants. Preservation of the traditions and all the ancestral Chinese custom constitute the major emphasis of the Grupo Promotor. This is the dream that the Grupo is trying to accomplish and will soon become reality. If they can count on the help of the friends, people and assistance from the other countries, it will happen sooner than anticipated. The Chinese government provides support but nothing with regards to establishing official relations with the Grupo. They provide movies, videos and some films that are already released in China. They provide more goods than social or political assistance. One example of this help can be seen in the arches build at the entrance of Chinatown. They brought in the engineers and the materials to complete this particular project. The Grupo Promotor also has more than 400 people involved in Tai Chi in various parts of Chinatown. All costumes and uniforms were donated by the Chinese embassy. In addition, the Chinese embassy has donated books, magazines, recorders and video cameras and computers for distribution. On many occasions when the Chinese Embassy has a forum, official dinner or reunion, the embassy invites full-blooded Chinese and their descendants.